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no luck. the gitwangak released spiked logs and let them roll down crushing the attackers. at a fight on the nass river an arrow stuck and nekt leg he fell to the ground and was beheaded. by a nisga warrior. when he died it marked the end of the wars in this part of canada. the village on top of battle hill was abandoned and burned to the ground. the people of battle hill moved to gitwangak where they still live . they celebrate the history of nekt and battle hill. travel and trade 1000 of year 1st nations people traveled by trails and canoe routs mann wolf manuel ybaceta march 1987 march 26 marco cochran marie tarrazona marienbrucke marine marine mammals mariners memerial market place marsh buck marsh memorial church marshes mary's bridge mass grave matting maximilian birnmann maya maya long beach meadow meadows medieval towsnsafamily park meditation medium sized antelope medow meixan meleagris gallopavo melegrridinae memorial memorial park mexican mgm migratory bird mine equipment 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canada is the kitwankul trail or grease trail. it is 60kilometre. it connected the people of the skeena river to the nass river. in 1872 the canadian pacific railway explored this trail. there grease trail got its name from the candle fish or eulachon caught on the nass waters. the gitwangak or people of the place of rabbit are of the nations gitksen nineteenth century nisga nixon nocturnal nomibia norco norco ca norco ca. norco high school north pacfic cannery bc north rim north rim lodge north rim. indian paint brush north shore nps oa oasis oatman burro obsidian dome occidentalis ocean of off of 89 old building old buildings old forest homes old home old houses old signs old west oldest multiorgan animal. omnivorous on one open open road cowboy orange orange mushrooms. red mushrooms. rooms orchard otariidae outdoor outdoor activities outhouse overlook owase japan owens valley owl p p90x pacifc ocean pacific mariners memeorial park park park animals wildlife conserve parks parks of 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nation chief nekt. carried away a gitwangak woman named luuklsw to become his wife. to escape luukisxw cut off his head while he was asleep. she fled in a canoe with her son next. village gitwangak thinking tiger time time goes by photography by s.sinatra tongass national forest totem poles totem poles solidago lepida touch tower tower house tractor traditional fishing tragelaphus tragelaphus spekij train trapper tree tree swing tree's trees troop tropical trout fishing tuba city tulip turkey turkey fowl ty u umberals underground rhizomes union st. polk st. as time goes by photography by s.sinatra university town unopened buds provide an interesting contrast to the weightless blossom form. our larkspur is known for its award winning premium quality and long lasting vase life. unusual usa. usk canada usk church usk ferry usk pioneer valley vancouver island vegitable stand veins vertebra very vesicular basalt victimes view trail village village of us vintage vistas vistors center 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